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About the strain:
Low Med High

The best use of this herb, Organic Pink Afghan, will be pain management, and sleep.

LSO weed is the name of the game! A cross between OG Pink and Afghani, this little Hybrid is sure to impress. With the old school Afghani roots this flower’s profile is not just gas forward, but has a lot of earthy tones to buffer all that petrol. You will definitely feel the rush and spice at the same time, as your nostrils burn, and the pressure starts to release in your mind.

This strain kicks you from the start and keeps you in a state of bliss for several hours, bringing you to that place you love. The best use of this herb will be pain management, and sleep. While it may layout a nube on the couch, most seasoned veterans will be happy to endulge during the day.

This is a solid gas forward strain, so if you enjoyed the gassy pinks and other OG’s and Kush’s but perhaps found them too strong, you may find the OPA to offer just the right amount of ‘high’ with that oh-so coveted Gas!

What is the big deal with LSO weed? Learn more here.

Relaxed, Happy, Calm
Insomnia, Stress, Pain, Sleep
About the vendor:

Kindle Bloom

Boutique, organic, and sustainable craft cannabis.
5 Customer Reviews

From deep in the rainforest of south west BC emerges a unique and integral cannabis producer. Presenting Kindle Bloom Organic Craft Cannabis, grown in 100% living organic soil, harvested at peak maturity, and dried and cured slowly to perfection. Kindle Bloom provides only 100% organic flowers so you can feel safe that there is no residues from fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or other conventional additives. Going well beyond your average organic program, we source local and sustainable inputs, as well, we take from both, Biodynamic and Korean Natural Farming practices. Our conscious approach to farming means we recycle our soil, we compost unused plant material and focus on maintaining a balanced ratio of mycology and microbiology to reflect what happens in Mother Nature.



4 Responses to “Organic Pink Afghan”

  1. MetalFan says:

    Beautiful Craft Bud

    First time buying Kindle Bloom and won’t be the last time! Beautiful craft buds, lovely medium sized buds coated in crystal. Has a piney smell with a bit of gas. The taste is very similar to a well grown batch of Greasy Pink. Smokes beautifully, pure white ash, gives a great high, made me want to make some dinner and then relax on the couch and watch the game. Too bad Kindle doesn’t sell their product in ounces.

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  2. Danielle says:

    Melt into Comfort

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Smells like earth and freshly cut grass. Dry pull tastes like bubble gum and pine and when smoked, the bubble gum taste sits in the foreground. Both my mind and body are calmed after smoking this. Smoke goes down easy and the joint never went out. After the joint, I feel like I’m wearing swim goggles because of minor eye pressure, but the sweet taste of the joint lingers on my lips which distracts me from my eyes. Overall, a really chill and laid back high. It does still make me want to be active – it’s just hard to motivate my body to do so since it’s comfortable the way it is.

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  3. Ryan N says:

    Harsh and heavy

    THis pink afghan kush gave me the coughs first toke. It’s potent with a harsh smoke and heavy high. in the best way possible. Came sealed in a pill bottle as it is stinky! Would order again and again.

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  4. Francis says:

    Sweet taste

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Always like kindle product but 87$ for this one i think it’s a bit overpriced.. Nice product 9/10

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